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A Brief and Meaningless Conversation About Social Media #HA

PRd00d: Hey @Marketingdood I love your stuff man!

Marketingd00d: @PRd00d Thanks for the follow, I love your stuff!

PRd00d: No! I love your stuff! RT @Marketingd00d Thanks for the follow, I love your stuff!

Marketingd00d: @PRd00d I love yours more!

PRd00d: @Marketingd00d NO WAY I LOVE YOURS WAY MORE!

Marketingd00d: @PRd00d NO WAY! #MyLoveForYourStuffIsAnOcean!

PRd00d: LOVE ITTTTT RT @Marketingd00d NO WAY! #MyLoveForYourStuffIsAnOcean!

Marketingd00d: @PRd00d I LOVE IT MORE!!!!!

PRd00d: @Marketingd00d Blow eachother by the dumpster behind Starbucks?

Marketingd00d: @PRd00d OF COURSE!

PRd00d: God, I love social media! #HASTAGGGZ

[Then they blew each other by the dumpster behind Starbucks and got social media aids]


US History as Told by Twitter

@USAhistory: #1001 @LiefErick02 checked in at new world. check bit.ly3782y374

@USAhistory: @ChristophSails checked in at new world bit.lyje83j #1492

@USAhistory: RT @CristophSails Found India! Dark skinned girls #yayuh #1492

@USAhistory: RT @JohnnySmith pocahontas? more like poke-a-hotass #jamestown4life!!! lol

@USAhistory: Congrats @FrancisDrake on earning your circumnavigation badge of @foursquare bit.lyjgu7436ruh

@USAhistory: #1763 THIS WAR IS OVER!!!! #frenchandindian #hellyeah

@USAhistory: Retweet if you think this stamp act is fucking bullshit, looking at you @KGeorgeIII

@USAhistory: RT @boston We’re getting massacred! #1770blows #britishpplarefags

@USAhistory: RT @boston Party at the tea dock tonight. BYOB. RT to win free indian costume #boston

@USAhistory: @GeorgeWash has unlocked the commander in chief badge on colony_square #1775

@USAhistory: We Love it! RT @T-Jeffy What yall think of my new declaration? #newnation #revolution #1776

@USAhistory: That’s right BIOTCH! RT @britishempire We give up, we surrender. There I said it. #1781

@USAhistory Congrats @GeorgeWash on unlocking the first president badge on colony_square. we are sending for quilt patches via horseback. #1789

AM I???!?!?!!? ….This is too much fun.

How I Stopped Being….

How To Love…#Lulz