The Secret to Blogging

You’ve waited long enough. You’ve googled “how to get followers” and read all the books by the so called trust agents, but somehow you still haven’t discovered the secret. Here it is. The secret to blogging is writing about the secret to blogging. You are probably writing about your trade- crafting, cooking, your photography. You’re doing just fine with that but you still don’t have 30,000 RSS subscribers. What’s wrong? It’s not that you’re a bad writer or photographer or whatever. It’s just that you aren’t writing about the secret to blogging.

If you’re on this page searching for the secret, most of your audience is probably looking for the secret on your page too. It’s not that they dislike your photography, they just want to know the secret to blogging. If you let them know, they’ll deem you indispensable and subscribe to your page in case you post the secret to eternal life or awesome abs next week. Your subscribers might delete the emails containing your photography, but cultivating a following isn’t about the connections made or information transferred, it’s about numbers.

So there you have it, the secret. Now that we’re all on the same page, you can take your blog to the next level with the secret. Just make sure that you thank me (link me). Enjoy your 200,000 subscribers and send them my way. The secret is yours. Use it well.

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