Ask a Time Management Expert

Dear Time Management Expert,

My husband has been acting strange lately. We’ve been married for 23 years but lately he seems distant. He doesn’t come home some nights and when I ask him where he’s been he just ignores me or makes up an excuse I find hard to believe. He’s just unresponsive. Do you think he’s having an affair? Do you think he still loves me? What should I do? I don’t want to be disrespectful- I love my husband, but I do want to know what’s going on. What do you think?

Debra, TX







I want to talk about the BIG-E today. I’m talking about email. Email. Email. Email! Did you hear me the first time? Email! A lot of people use email but just don’t know how to use this tool to its full potential. You probably email your husband while he’s at work. You probably ask him what groceries he might want or things to get or whatever. Now my assumption, since you’re asking a time management expert, is that you look at this list and write it down on paper with a pencil. Stop right there. Hold the fucking show. Paper and pencil?

You probably use a basic email client- web application, desktop application, whatever. Chances are calender and to-do list functionalities are built into your email client! Fuck your pencil and paper! Copy and paste your man’s grocery list to your calender. If you’re right clicking or going to edit paste you’re wasting precious time to come up with ways to make your husband happy. Now that you’ve got it in your calender, sync your smart phone to send you reminders 2 hrs, 1 hr, 30 minutes before you need to pick these things up. That way, when your husband comes home drunk, you can show him you care through your well documented calender arrangements. You can even use SMS to export to spreadsheets to Excel and print them out at his office. Unfortunately, your email won’t let you know if he’s knocking boots with another woman, but chances are he leaves his computer logged on and you can check his email and find out.

Have a good day,

Time Management Expert

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