What are you giving up for Lent?

“My virginity.” Debra, 42.

“Being nice to that lady who works at Blockbuster and always asks me if I’m ‘really gonna rent Sleepless in Seattle again.’” Susan, 24.

“Feeling bad for the people of the world.” Steven, 28.

“Trolling my ex-girlfriends’ Facebook accounts.” Dave, 25.

“Queso.” Rachel, 34.

“Drinking, well not really drinking, but drinking alone. Okay maybe drinking alone but just not hard liquor. Maybe just not straight hard liquor, mixed drinks might be okay.” Matthew, 34.

“Sleeping with fat chicks. Like seriously, I’m done yall.” Brad, 22.

“Hating ethnic people.” Betty, 67.

“Bondage Porn.” Joe, 22.

“My James Franco pillow.” Cassy, 14.

“Trying to quit smoking.” Mark, 30.

“Crying in the shower.” Melinda, 45.

“Using non-organic cleaning products. Seriously, the planet isn’t going to save itself.” Nancy. 52.

“Trying.” Anonymous, 22.

“Waiting for her to text me back. Like what the fuck is she doing anyways?” Ronald, 17.

“Feeling bad for liking Lady Gaga.” Chris, 28.

“Masturbating. I hope this makes god happy.” Kevin, 12.


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