#firstworldproblems: The restaurant is all out of sun dried tomatoes. What am I supposed to put in my salad? Croutons?!?!?
#fatgirlproblems: What kind of salad bar doesn’t have ranch or bacon bits?
#thirdworldproblems: In my country, we eat bushes.
#charliesheenproblems: This whore smells like ranch dressing, wait…that’s not a problem.


#firstworldproblems: No one acknowledges my creative spirit at work.
#thirdworldproblems: I lost 3 fingers at work.
#fatgirlproblems: I got queso on my stationary at work.
#charliesheenproblems: I lost 3 grams of cocaine in a fat girl, at work.


#firstworldproblems: I can’t believe the criterion collection is only on Hulu plus.
#fatgirlproblems: Paula Dean’s on soon, Nutella all over the remote, channel change button is stuck.
#thirdworldproblems: My village must decide between purchasing a television or malaria treatments.
#charliesheenproblems: I must decide between a Thai girl and a Korean girl.

    • BJH
    • March 9th, 2011


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