Things I’ll be doing instead of blogging this week

10. Blogging Oh fuck, that’s right.

9. Trolling Twitter- I really don’t give a fuck what most of you say so why do I keep staring at the screen. #GoodQuestion

8. Glitching- I started a pretty fucking cool new art blog with my friend Robin at sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever have a safe-for-work blog… fuck that.

7. Blogging. Allright, Okay. Sure.

6. Contemplating the Internet. And all of its effects on people, meanwhile making myself only more neurotic as my consumption of media constantly increases exponentially.

5. Watching Porn. And lots of it. Let’s just say it’s man week.

4. Working? Maybe? Um? Err? Should I?

3. Having dreams about the girl (April) on Parks and Recreation. “But she’s such a bitch!” I don’t care- her hair is magical.

2. Drinking too much caffeine. NO WINE ALL WEEK.  “WTF?” you ask. That’s right. 7 hour energies only. I’ve been twitching, but I feel pretty good most of the time.

1. Getting tussed up and scraping my teeth against the sidewalk dreaming of how good my hair would look if I would just spend $35 dollars on it. You never know.






  1. This is scarily similar to my week/life. We should start a blog about our attempts to find stuff to do other than blogging.

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