It’s been a number of days since my #RussianVodkaParty experiment and I am afraid this #mommyblogging experiment must come to an end. My girlfriend ran off with my child. I didn’t know where she was but I saw this news story yesterday about a vegan burrito eating competition in Portland. Sure enough, that was her wearing the all-hemp crown holding baby Ackbar- both of them covered in whatever the vegan equivalent of cheese is. Well shit- I hope you’re happy. I am proud of you for managing to conquer the 7 pound vegan burrito. Try and get a good price whenever you sell Admiral Ackbar, I won’t say how much I paid but he’s worth a good amount.

All in all, I think I was a good mom. I mean if I hadn’t fallen into a black hole of drunken disaster I might still have my child, but whatever- fuck it. I tried. Anyways, now that I’m not a #mommyblogger, I can return to my life as a 22 year old dude. The question is, where will I go next? Should I blog about food? Should I blog about pretty pictures of food? Should I start re-blogging? Should I blog about blogs?

Let me know what yall wanna read. Hit me up on Twitter.


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