Charity Fundraiser

Every day, I walk around without an iPhone. Sometimes seeing everyone walk around with their iPhones makes us forget that I, Woe Jozney, do not have an iPhone. I could be checking in at the bar, but no- I don’t have an iPhone. When I was little I wanted to be the mayor somewhere, my PalmPre doesn’t support 4square. Help make one little boy’s dreams come true this Saturday at the West Houston Church of Right Angles. We’ll be collecting cash all day. If you want to write a check that’s cool too, but please no canned goods. I can afford canned goods.

99% of the proceeds will go towards getting me an iPhone and paying for the service plan that has the most cool shit. Do you wonder where I am 5-10 times a day? Do you wish you could instantly view cool hipstamic pics of the beer I’m drinking? Do you wish you could see me play Scrabble on my phone? Stop wishing, make it happen today. A small portion of the proceeds will go towards a pack of Parliment Lights and box of Franzia. Those are two things that make me happy. Don’t you want to make me happy?

25 dollars is the suggested donation. We will have Karaoke, mud-wrestling, free water, and a musical performance featuring 3 kittens.

You can make a difference.

Take Care,

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