The Jesuses Discover #Blogging!

Boss: Hello and welcome to our weekly staff meeting. How is everyone?
Drunk Jesus: Drunk…. Oh- and horny.
Black Jesus: Horny
Depressed Jesus: MEHHHHHHH
Gay Jesus: I am still mourning the loss of my last lover, Closet Case Jesus.
Boss Jesus: I see. Well If I could get things started, please open up your packets to page 10, you’ll see a graph describing…
Tumblr Jesus: Hey! Everyone! Check this out!
Boss Jesus: Excuse me Tumblr Jesus, we’re in the middle of the meeting.
Tumblr Jesus: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re always in a meeting. Check this out yall…
Boss Jesus: I’d prefer if we..
Tumblr Jesus: Dude, it’s got like a bunch of re-blogs, my dash is full anyways, don’t be such a lameass.

The Jesuses gather round the MacBook Pro.

Drunk Jesus: I can’t read that, I’m seeing double.
Tumblr Jesus: It says #mommyblogger.
Drunk Jesus: What’s a #mommyblogger?
Tumblr Jesus: It’s a blogger who’s a mom.
Drunk Jesus: What’s a blogger?
Tumblr Jesus: Someone who has a blog.
Curious Jesus: What’s a blog? What is it? What is it?
Tumblr: A blog is like a website, but you post little things on it, and then you re-blog or share it on facebook or twitter or…
Drunk: Huh?????
Curious Jesus: Do you have a blog?
Tumblr Jesus: **scoff** …I have three…
Curious Jesus: What are they?
Tumblr Jesus: I have glitch-bill-murray blog, it’s pretty sweet. I have like 4,000 followers, it’s no big deal. I’ve also got a David Foster Wallace quote blog and my personal blog.
Black Jesus: So people get on internet to see you post quotes someone else said?
Tumblr Jesus: Uh- yeah. Who wouldn’t?
Black Jesus: So you’re saying if I want to start like a cooking blog where I post all my favorite soul food recipes, I can do that?
Tumblr Jesus: Yeah, totes.
Black Jesus: Gawdam! What about if I wanna show people pictures of all the flowers in my garden? I take great pictures of my garden!
Tumblr Jesus: Yeah man, it’s the internet, it’s whatever.
Black Jesus: Fuck this meeting, I’m going to the Apple store, get me one of them shiny ass white computers so I can start blogging.
Boss Jesus: Guys, we were trying to have a meeting…
Black Jesus: Yeah and so what? You have a blog? What’s it about? How much of an anal retentive square you are?
Boss Jesus: No, I don’t have a blog. I have a job.
Drunk Jesus: I wanna blog!
Tumblr Jesus: Cool! Let me get you set up. What do you want to blog about?
Drunk Jesus: Tits! and Drinks!
Tumblr Jesus: No problem, you’ll have followers in no time!
Drunk Jesus: YEAHHHH! Let’s drink to celebrate!
Boss Jesus: Guys! We’re in a meeting!
Tumblr Jesus: Hey everyone, group picture time! I’ll totes use Impact font to write #Blogger on the photo and make a meme and put it on my Tumblr right now!
Curious Jesus: Wait, what’s a meme?…..

to be continued….


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