Title my Memoir!

Dear Everyone,


I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve received during my #mommyblogging experience, but I can’t help feeling that something is missing.  Having this small child sucking my man teat is okay, but I still feel a void.  That void needs filling.  I’m going to take some time during my afternoons to work on a memoir. I think it might help with the stress of being a #mommyblogger. I’ve got so many things to say but the problem is, what do I title it? I mean, that’s the most important part of a memoir. I’ve got a few ideas.


Sex, Drugs, and American Express points: how I learned to get free Bose headphones. A memoir.

Love in the time of re-blogging and other casual miscommunications. A memoir.

Who will stroke my penis when I’m dead? A memoir.

Lessons in boner management and other principles of the modern warrior. A memoir.

“More reverb,” and other things I keep finding myself demanding of long-haired boys at night clubs. A memoir.

Email, Yoga, what’s it all about? Inbox management and other tools for the modern boy.

Suggestions?  Hit me up on my twitter account @woejozney! The internet is the place we all live- let’s live together.



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