What Happened to Closet Case Jesus in the Chamber of Purpose?

Closet Case Jesus met up with his ex-boyfriend Scott, sparks flew.

They defeated a band of reptilian shape shifters but Scott got bit and died because the monsters’ saliva contained neurotoxins.  It was a slow painful death, but he died in the arms of the only man he ever loved.

Closet Case Jesus answered a bunch of riddles correctly.  The talking kittens said they would let him pass into the heart of the chamber of purpose, but they made him read their poetry which was just god awful and put him in a bad mood.  The cats were kind of offended that he didn’t like it, so they changed their mind, but he agreed to workshop with them.  Hours later the poetry had some real potential.
Closet Case Jesus defeated a Minotaur.

A bunch of other stuff….

He found his purpose!

God forgot to come down and unlock the doors, so Closet Case Jesus spent the rest of his life trapped in the chamber of purpose.








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