We are currently looking for:

Web Designer/ Mystic

Are you a talented computer whiz?  Do you make voodoo dolls and mandalas with your friends?  Are you a team player?  Do you love the taste of unicorn flesh?

Well!  You’re in the right place!  We’re looking for a young, creative type to join our team.  We use the internet a lot so we need one of those internet people around.  We have recently applied for our certificate-of-cult-hood, so we need someone willing to take that journey with us.  You must be genuinely interested in our ways; we’ve dealth with mud-bloods before and it just doesn’t work out **NO!  We didn’t sacrifice them! LoL!**

Duties include: managing my facebook event invites, posting all my blogs, webcasting night-time rituals and ceremonies, reading NYTimes to me, making coffee/blood, making cool/pretty websites, managing our beast stable (unicorns, cereberus, etc)

Education: BS in COMPSCI, MA occult studies preffered


-Ruby on Rails
-Sacred Geometry
-Encyclopedic memory of spells/charms/potions
-We prefer chaotic neutral or better, but well qualified evil candidates will be considered.

If this sounds like a fit, send me your resume in ALL CAPS SLAM POETRY FORMAT.  MUST BE A WINDOWS 1998 DOCUMENT, NO PDF

!!!Resumes not in slam poetry style will be thrown out, sorry.
I look forward to working , group sexing , and drinking unicorn blood with you.

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