Brief Glimpses into the Minds of Cabaña Boys

I’ve been gaining weight.  It must be a holiday thing.  Yesterday while I was doing Linda’s laundry (in tight leather shorts of course) I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror.  I must be at least 10 pounds heavier than when I started cleaning her pool.  I used to be so fit.  She used to call me cheetah and demand I chase her around the room.  She would scream: Come get your gazelle you muscular beast.  Come!  Feast on my flesh!

I was 16 then, I’m 18 now.  Now I just do laundry and make fairly ordinary love to her.  We don’t role play much anymore.  Is it because I’m getting chubby?  Am I getting chubby?

Later, in bed with her, I asked: Do you think I’m getting fatter?  She said: Oh darling, relax, you’re a beautiful creature and you know it.  A few extra pounds never killed anyone.  Come, split this chocolate with me, they say chocolate is a powerful aphrodisiac.  She held the chocolate between her teeth and pulled me on top of her.  I said: I’m not in the mood.  Why would I want chocolate if I’m already complaining to you about my weight?  She sighed and ate the chocolate.  She said: You worry too much.  If you’re so concerned about your weight go burn some calories and clean the pool. 

While I was cleaning the pool the waves reflected my image back to me in pieces that refused to line up.  I waited and waited for them, wishing they might just show me as I wish I was- a tightly woven mess of veins, flesh, and blood that somehow never stops shining.  If I ever get old, I’ll kill myself.  Or maybe just a real job.  Getting older sucks.


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