A Brief But Saucy Conversation Between Myself and My Cigarettes

Me: Hey
Parliment Light: Hey
Me: How are you?
PL: I’m allright.  You know, just hanging out at home.  You forgot me today.
Me: I know it’s been a while, but I thought I’d come see you.  I miss you.
PL: It’s okay.  I miss you too.  I know it’s been a rough day, but I want you to know I understand and I’m sorry.
Me: Don’t be sorry, it was my fault.  I’m the one who tried to quit.  I knew I couldn’t do it, but I thought it would work.  I’m sorry.
PL: Do you still think about me?
Me: All fucking day, I think about you.  When I wake up you’re the first thing I think about.  After every meal, it’s you I see.  When I’m sitting at my computer at work, in my head I’m running out of the office, down the stairs, to the corner of exhile where we can be together.  Trembling, overwhelmed by my physical and visceral need for you, my fingers would draw you out, exploring your naked shape.  For only a moment, I would press the flesh on my thumb across the edges of your filter, requesting you.  When I can’t take it anymore, my lips would find their way around you and my toungue would find its way too- slowly and deliberately moving in and out for one moment before I have no choice but to dig deep into my pocket and find my tool, grip it with all my might and push my thumb down.  And your vapors will be as they were always meant to be, inside of me.  What I’m trying to say is, I want you inside of me.
PL: I know.  I want to be inside of you.  When do you have to go back to work?
Me: Well I’m at the end of my lunch break, so I’ve really got to be going.  I just wanted to stop by.
PL: I understand, I just wish me could- you know…
Me: We could- in my car…
PL: Really?
Me: I can’t imagine anything else in the world I’d rather do.
PL: God you fucking know how to turn me on.
Me: Baby.

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