Black Friday Exchange Program

So it’s been a long time, some might say even a year, since the last black friday. During that time a bunch of people opened my eyes to what’s really going on in the world. While I was waiting in line at TJ Max last year, hundreds of poor people were just wondering if they were going get to eat that day. Makes you think hard, you know? Nowadays I’m into sustainable stuff and you know, eating local fruit, whatever.

So… this friday I’m officially starting the Black Friday Exchange Program for poor people. I spent months researching and finding people in third world countries. We built a lasting relationship and we built up a wish list of things they think would better their families/communities. Originally, the plan was to purchase those things and feel good about myself for a while, like the dude in the TOMS commercial. But, you know, budgets are budgets and we can’t do that. However, what we can do is just as exciting.

Today 10 different people from all over the world will be transported to an airport and given a plane ticket to fly down to Houston, Texas, where I am going to take them on the shopping experience of their lives. A lot of these people have never seen great deals that only happen once a year. While most of our budget was spent on the plane ticket and making cool videos showing that I’m a good person, like the TOMS guy, we did have a little bit of money left over for the people to shop with.

I wasn’t sure where to find a lot of things on their shopping lists like water filters, vaccines, and stuff that helps cholera, but I know that the mall has practically everything you’d ever need. From the pictures I saw, most of them could use an outfit upgrade. I can’t imagine the joy their families will feel when they return from their life-changing trip decked out in some of the hippest MetroPark shirts and Buckle jeans. These people don’t know it’s like to wait in line for a PS3, fight over the last Coach bag, all they know is dirty water and stuff. I think it will really open their eyes, they’ll have something to look forward too, right? Imagine how much harder they will drive their mules in the hot Venezuelan sun when they see the glistening face of a Timex watch shining in the distance.

Thanks for all your help and support. This is going to be an amazing experience for me and all the poor people involved. Stay tuned for updates on our shopping/life-changing experience. I think we’re doing something really worthwhile/special, so watch out TOMS dude.

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