Dear Young People

I have a very important message for you today.  One that cannot afford to fall upon deaf ears.  Tomorrow is a big day.  Tomorrow you have an opportunity to vote and fulfill your civic duty as a citizen of the United States of America.

You have an oppurtunity to protect your rights as a citizen,
but I understand if you don’t get out of class till 2 and you’re usually tired after class so you might not get around to it.

You have a chance to shape policy that in two years will affect your life as you join the working class,
but I understand if you aren’t into waking up early to vote and you don’t want to wait in the lines later in the afternoon.  You did tell your friend you’d meet him for happy hour.

You have an oppurtunity to select the right candidates at the local level whose decisions might really matter in your daily life,
but I understand if you really need to finish that paper that you’ve been putting off for 3 weeks on themes of death in Joseph Conrad. I know it’s due tomorrow and you might not even start it till 9:00pm, but you need all day to worry and complain about it.

You have an oppurtunity to make your vote count,
but I totally understand that you think your vote doesn’t count.

You can finally end Rick Perry’s reign of terror,
but I totally understand if you’d rather complain for the next four years.

You have an oppurtunity to, at the very least, choose between shit and way shittier,
but I understand if you’d like to keep thinking that they’re all hacks and not caring. You’re way more fun when you’re a cynic. That’s why the girls like you. Don’t lose your edge man.

As usual young people, all we ask is that you think about voting. As usual, we’ll just hope that it’s enough. It usually isn’t enough, but all we can do is hope, right?

Yours truly,
Old People.

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