Message From the Sponsors: Halloween Book Burning

The Lord of Lord Church of the Lord’s Love cordially invites you to our annual Halloween book burning. Sunday October, 31, mark the date. Bring the whole family down to enjoy some old fashioned book burning fun. We have collected over 4,000 books we don’t like including witch/warlock texts, plenty of classic novels and various religious texts that don’t include our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Suggested donation is $10 dollars, but that includes 30 books you get to personally throw into the fire, popcorn, free sodas, water and a pony ride for your kids. That’s right folks! A real pony! Only at Lord of Lord Church of the Lord’s Love. We will also have a professional grade woodchipper for a large collection of CDs we plan on destroying. You can’t help but smile as you toss an Adam Lambert CD into the woodchipper and watch it splinter into oblivion just like his soul will shatter when he reaches the judgement of our good God.

There will be a costume contest for the kids. The winner gets a special illustrated copy of the good book signed by Joel Olsteen himself. There’s only one day a year we get to rally against the dark forces of the pagan world- you don’t want to miss it!

See you guys there.

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