Public Service Announcement: Let Us Vote

Ladies and gentlemen, I write to you in a state of great worry and urgency.  I am worried about none other than the strength of our union and the future of American freedom.  Earlier this year by way of the groundbreaking civil rights legislation, Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commision, the Supreme Court of the United States of America voted to give corporations the right to free speech by removing the limits on campaign contributions given by a corporation.  We’d all like to think this is enough, but was it enough when the slaves were freed?  When women were first allowed to vote?  No, there was a long struggle before the opressive hand of the government let their voices ring free throughout the streets of our great nation.

Coorporations have been part of this country since the very inception of our democracy.  230 years later, they have finally been given the ability to speak freely.  Talk about a learning curve.  What would people say if it took until 2010 to free the slaves?  People complain about lobbyists and corporate interests, but if the oppressive hand of government wasn’t there strangling the corporate airway, corporations wouldn’t need lobbysists and bribes, they would flourish freely.  Corporations are just like you, no matter who you are, Dale the drywall guy or Warren Buffet.

I come to you today with a troubling problem.  I am an executive for a large national corporation (will remain unnamed for the purpose of this article).  I woke up this morning and thought, “I (my corporation) have the freedom of speech… what are my (my corporation’s) other freedoms?”  And it hit me, I (my corporation) am treated as a citizen, so I (my corporation) should act like a citizen.  I (on behalf of my corporation) should register to vote.  Don’t get me wrong, I am registered to vote in my county, but the corporation I represent should be able go down to the public library with all the minority folks and register to vote.  Well listen up America- I have bad news!  My corporation was unable to register to vote and therefore denied its primary duty as a citizen of the United States of America.

Being the civil servant my corporation is, I tried to register my company to run for a local office so as to correct this problem.  I was filling out the paperwork when some fascist told me that a corporation could not run for public office.  We are a citizen of this great country!  How can we denied this freedom?

We’re people too.

Time is running out.  With the elections in less than a month, it will be two more years before this issue can be addressed yet again.  We cannot move forward together until we come together and agree that all of our voices are equal and nobody should be denied their freedoms.

Ladies and gentlemen, where do we go from here?  I ask you to write letters to your congressional represenatatives and demand that all voices be heard.  This is a democracy!  How can we call ourselves a just society when we deny the equivalent of a citzen the rights of a citizen?  With the Citizens United ruling, I know we have the precedence to reverse these incredibly unjust constraints keeping us from a truly free society.  Write now!  Write today!  Our voices must be heard.  God Bless America.

****** Smith

D****t Inc.

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