Dear Chilean Miners

I know this letter is late because you are no longer the 2nd most popular topic trending on twitter.  I know you don’t know what twitter is because you probably don’t use the internet much because you’re a miner, but I consider myself a cultural attache and I thought I would fill you in.  As your president will tell you, since the day you emerged, it’s a new Chile.  It’s also a new NPR, a new America, and a new World.  Your strength and endurance are inspiring.  Each day you sat there eating rationed tuna made me feel stronger than ever.  I followed you since day 8, I heard the story a couple of times and after like the ninth time, I felt your vibe.  Every single day that went by- you guys struggling, me at home blogging- I felt your strength inside of my strength.  Weekly visits to my Tumblr have gone up ten-fold.  A big blogger in town is now following my WordPress.  I mean, I don’t know what it is about you guys, but you fucking rock.


In the news, we ended the war in Iraq, Kim Jong Il is stepping down and peace is spreading throughout the land- all thanks to you guys.  I’m emailing you some headshots and a promo video in hopes of getting cast in the film that will undoubtably be made in your honor.  I’m pretty white, but in 3 weeks time I can get tan enough to play Chilean.  I’ve got a lot of script ideas too, I think we can take this heroic story and really bump it up to the next level.  I don’t know if you’ve seen Descent, but it mixes this trapped in a cave story with some really strong feminine fight fest energy, and also some bat people.  I think bat people could kick the miner thing up a notch.  You can probably rent Descent at your local Blockbuster, if they have those in Chile- anyways let me know because I’m brainstorming like crazy over here.  Best of luck, get back to me soon.


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