Future Web-Morality Rating

In the future, all of our web-history will be compiled into a fantastic database that, due to some terrorist attack, will be used in an application to create public labels/rating systems.  Job employers will need to know your rating if you apply for a position.  Since all dating will be internet based in the future, your rating will be displayed on your E-harmony profile while you hunt for suitable procreators.  The rating is only negative and cannot go up, only lower and lower, until you are deemed unsuitable for society and sold to McDonalds so they can grind your bones into to powder for 3rd World hunger campaigns in Africa.

I Porn

General, Amateur, Teen = -1

Lesbian = -2

Orgy, Gangbang = -3

Anal, Bondage, Anime = -4

Gay = Not allowed by future dictators, immediate transportation to Gay Camp is required.

II Political Websites

NAACP = -1 for whites, neutral for ethnic folks

ACLU = -2 for whites, -1 for mixed descent, neutral for black folks

Daily Show website = -3, mandatory marijuana drug testing

Alternet, Democracy Now, Mother Jones= -5

Wall Street Journal = totally cool

PLO related content = -10

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