Ask a dude on Twitter

Hey Twitter Dude,

I’ve been out of work for sometime now, I was laid off in January.  I constantly goto job coaching seminars and such, continually work on my resume.  I’m having no luck.  I have a family I need to feed.  I am considering taking a minimum wage job because I have no other options.  If I do that, I have to cut back on looking for work and may end up stuck at a position that is not financially stable for my family.  What should I do?

Jobless #1

Twitter Dude:

hi @jobless sry 2 hear about that. u should check webs like #monster and #craigslist, try 2 find somen. say more but i’m all out of chars

Dear Twitter Dude,

I have been married for 25 years.  I suspect that my wife is sleeping with another man and would like to follow her and take pictures to use as proof for the divorce (if that is the case).  Do you have any reccomendations for spy procedures, camera stuff, etc?  I’m pretty in the dark.


Skeptical Steve

Twitter Dude:

@skeptsteve bumr. rent a car n flw her slowly, stay 2 cars bhnd. #canon cam wid zoom shud wrk. hope shes not bangin dude. outofchars

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