A word from our sponsors

Are you a male?  Are you 20 years or older?  Are you tired of all your friends talking about their satisfying self-love experiences?  They may call it other “street” names like foldin-the-laundry, jerkin it, etc… I have good news!  You can stop feeling alienated today.

Hi I’m Greg Watts.  I’m a level 13 masturbator.  I have studied the sacred arts of self-love with monks in over 3 countries on over 4 continents.  This weekend at the Cypress Unitarian Universalist center, I will be hosting a 48 hour intensive workshop covering the basics of discovering the self-lover within.  The seminar is only $300 for both days.  Pre-order your tickets for only $275!  Get your tickets today, you don’t want to miss this exciting opportunity.  Beginners could walk away from this workshop at level 6!  Advanced masturbators are welcome, I have secrets for self-lovers of all shapes, sizes, and levels.  See you guys there.

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