shape of junk to come presents

The shape of junk to come is proud to present the complete list of books we will be publishing this year.  We received somewhere between 0 and 1,000 submissions, so we thought really hard about it.  Unintentionally, all the authors selected have proven to be monkeys with typewriters.

Bananadise Lost by Monkey #1  AKA Bobo

An 18 year old monkey wakes up in a distopian future where bananas have become the rarest element in the world.  The human world is at war.  He must crush the opressive futuristic  human government in order to find one last banana and find love in the strangest places.

Bananadise Lost II by Monkey #1 AKA Bobo

The saga continues when the young monkey, now in his mid 20’s, must navigate family life with his monkey wife and monkey kids.  A romantic and light-hearted story that will touch the deepest parts of your primate heart.

Eat, Pray, Throw my shit at everyone by Monkey #6 AKA Edward Von Vestenberry

Von Vestenberry turns the world of experimental expressionist monkey poetry upside down with this groundbreaking collection of poems.  The heard breaking beauty of this work is only matched by the sharp edges of his monkey toungue.  Poetry will never be the same.

Lost, with Monkeys by JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams is actually a monkey with a typewriter.  He has finally written what he calls, “what Lost was supposed to be.”  It’s the same thing but with most of the main characters as monkeys.  This primitive dive into the human psyche is The Lord of the Flies of the new millennium (with monkeys).

The Complete Works of Monkey Shakespeare by Anonymous

The works of the great bard are retold through the eyes of a monkey.  Some might say the original texts hold no candle to this newly improved translation.  More bananas, more trees, more drama.

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