I was going to…

post a message saying I wasn’t going to write in my blog this week because I’m having existential criseses, but in rejection of that…

Top Ten Reasons I Should Post on my Blog:

10)  Respectable publications don’t have typos, but I don’t proof, so I do have typos, people will feel good about themselves when they see me spell soul “sole.”  You guys are always wright(RIGHT? SOMETIMES PEOPLE WITH EDITORS MAKE TYPOS TOO> SOMETIMES THEY WERENT EVEN THERE TO BEGIN WITH HA!).

9)  I really don’t have to work very much tomorrow(this week(ever))

8)  Tomorrow just might be the day someone decides, I like this guy, I have money, I will hire him to be my personal jester… what’s his email?

7)  I still remember the day I got like, 200 hits and was totally like, cool, maybe I should keep writing stupid shit everyday.  It is my sole(or should I say soul) source of inspiration.

6)  If I don’t make fun of Zac Efron and Michael Cera, who will?

5)  Plenty of people will, but that’s besides the point, read me.  me. me. me.eme.eneme,eme.e

4)  I have lots to talk about, like my current plan to substitute my beer intake with red bull.  Drinking a six pack of redbull a day is an enlightening but terrifying experience.

3)  Hmmmm… what could be number 3…. Can I even come up with ten reasons to write in this blog?  Or maybe 9?

2)  Oh yeah!  Who else will save the world through revealing the true thoughts of the fascists who seek to control our minds through politics, entertainment, and lifestyle choices?  nobody else.

1)  Because I kinda feel bad when I don’t post.  🙂



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