Frat poetry v2

Brad Broffson “Wave”

My hair is a wave

That my sailboat will someday ride.

My hair is golden

Like the sun that will shine on my boat.

My arms are a mountain.

I will climb that mountain

And laugh at everyone below.

White paint

White shirt

White BMW

I see the future

Through the lens of my dark shades

Perfection in every way.

Strong arms,

Strong business.

A strong man.

I hold the future

In strong hands.

I am the business

Lonnie Ellington “Club #4”

I see your breasts

from across the room.

I crave Christmas Ham

Your ass is a dune

So smooth

Gently moving in the desert wind

I smell and look good

Smell my breath

It is the mountain spring.

Feel my clothes

they are sheets of expensive silk.

Touch my muscles

they are the branches of a three hundred year old redwood

Tell me I look good.

Let me know I am the business

Dan Dreary “Strongest”

I am the strongest there is

Until I become stronger tomorrow

Then I will once again be the strongest

I dream every night

Of fighting bears

And sharks

And mountain lions

I have no doubt it is possible.

I am the biggest there is

Until I become bigger tomorrow

Then once again,

I will be the biggest

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