to the duchebag who…

…woke me up to the sound of glass breaking and truck wheels screeching…

Looking out my window and realizing that my car’s windows were intact was great, but seeing all of my trash all over the road in front of my house was not cool.  I found the trash bin down at the end of the street.  WHAT THE FUCK?  I’ll have have you know I throw my cigarettes out in the trash bin and picked them all up so I could be a good neighbor (they spilled everywhere when your drunk truck driving ass did whatever the fuck it did, retard).  What kind of inbred retard are you?  Thanks for having the decency to deposit the trash bin at the end of the street instead of stealing it.

Please email me back at, I really wanna know how this went down (there’s not much logical sense to make of it).

Sincerely yours,

The people who live here.

PS.  GoFuckYourself

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