anti-chamomile tea

I’m tired of seeing holistic breakfast facebook updates:

“Honey-ginger-cinnamon oatmeal, juniper-breath-jam toast, warm chamomile tea, looking forward to doing yoga and sitting under trees.”

“Grapefruit, freshly squeezed orange juice, honey infused jam on an english muffin.  Going to read and ride a cruiser bike while I’m wearing grandma clothes”

You and I both know you’ll be polluting your insides with a bottle of Andre tonight.

I know I shouldn’t post what I’m eating but:

“Eggs, chips, cigarette, glass of tap water.  Looking forward to driving in traffic, working, watching Mad Men, and practicing the banjo.”

cigarette x banjo – madmen = still a hipsterfuck


  1. The whole point of eating like a tree-hugger is to make up for drinking like Danny Bonaduce.

    …and I just realized it’s Sunday. The Man is making you work today? WTF

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