Michael Enright, hate crime offender, claims Scott Pilgrim defense

In a never before heard legal argument, Michael Enright, the man who viciously slashed a Muslim cab driver, has claimed the Scott Pilgrim defense.  “Look,” he said, “I was drunk, yeah, and I had just gotten laid off and just watched Scott Pilgrim like two minutes before.  I was like, I need coins.  In Scott Pilgrim you get coins when you defeat an enemy.  There is no real religious reason for this attack.  I swear.”

In other news, Terry Jones, an evangelical pastor from Florida, wants to have a book burning for copies of the Koran.  When asked what he thought about the Scott Pilgrim defense he said, “Scott WhoWhat?  Only film I watch is the greatest story ever told.  I also watch Fox News, but if I didn’t know better I’d say they were a bunch of Liberal whiney babies.  I am the real America.  The real America wants to burn holy books of other religions.”

The fascists are coming,

the fascists are coming.

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