Poetry Corner

In an effort to spice things up and keep this blog “erect,” the shape of junk to come has decided to become a poetry publishing house.  Our first offering comes from the Kappa Sig house of Texas State University.  These young poets took time off from their busy business-major schedules to write some verse.  Here it is, Poetry of the Fraternal Order Volume I.  I find their use of masochism as a literary device subtle and powerful.

Chad Johnston “Brother”

Of fraternal order
I cannot explain
What I feel

I’m no fag,
But how do I express
This lifetime bond?

That time in the house
One woman
You in front
Me behind.
It was like she was not even there.

We were one
In a non fag way.

Bro is not just a three letter word
It is a lifetime connection
It is the sum of our existence

Sometimes I wish
I were a fag
Not really, but
we could experience…

It’s just…
Lifetime connections.

Brik Brokson “Girls”

Girls that are all the same
Girls and girls that turn themselves over
To reveal another
Until one will bear my seed
And make my bed when I leave.

Chad Johnston “Sequins”

Cold Jaeger
And cold Red Bull
Purple and deep
Like my blood
It goes straight to my heart

Sequins on breasts
Sequins on buttocks

Pong, Rap,
Shots, High Fives,

The sequins grow closer to my face and
I am glad I pay my monthly dues

Eyes glistening
Eyes fucking
Am the business

The sequins are gone
The party is over
But the tits remain

I am the business

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