TwitterGen grows up, kinda.

In a meeting of the not-so-old-elders, the twitter generation, that was previously called the facebook generation, that was previously called generation Iphone, that was previously called something, has officially changed its name to the hipstamatic generation.  Spokesman Bear Linx, a local Half-Price Books employee said, “We are no longer the twitter generation.  Old people have started using twitter and it’s just not very fun anymore.  Most the tweets are about news and stuff and not about bars.  We love using the Hipstamatic app for our Iphones.  It makes ordinary pictures of us doing stupid shit look old and cool.  It’s like suddenly we have meaning in our meaningless lives.  Me drinking tall boys on my front stoop is way cooler when viewed through a fake old picture app.  We are thinking about tomorrow.  We are the poets, writers, artists, and musicians of tomorrow.  We will belittle the doctors, scientists, and engineers of tomorrow.  We are Half-Price Books.  We are Lonestar.  We cannot be stopped, we will change the world, one hipstamatic photo at a time.  We are Hipstamatic.  We are tomorrow.”

One reporter asked, “What will you be doing tomorrow?”

Linx replied, “I will be changing the world.  Actually wait, I have to work at Half-Price, so prolly just be taking Hipstamatic pictures at the store and then drinking myself to sleep.”

I asked Michael Cera for comment: “Hipstwhowhat?  Who are you?  Are you the dude with the blow?  WHY IS MY MIMOSA EMPTY?  WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE PAID TO DO?  I can’t work like this, I’m Michael Cera, I’m outta here.”

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