Ten Survival Essentials

I’m going out into woods for the next two days, I thought I would let yall’ know what a true survivalist brings out in the woods when he’s doing serious surviving.

10.  Seasons 1-4 of Lost on DVD

9.  Seasons 5-6 of Lost on DVD

8.  Autographed photo of the Lost cast.  I can’t goto sleep without it!

7.  Case of Redline energy drinks.  So I can run super fast through the foods and catch squirrels in my teeth and eat them raw.

6.  Autographed Zac Efron picture.  Keep it in my back pocket in case I need to feel warm and fuzzy at any moment.

5.  Big screen HDTV.  For the Lost DVDs

4.  Milk, lots of it.  Keeps my bones strong while I am adventuring.

3.  Mouthwash.  Raw squirrel can leave a nasty aftertaste in your mouth.

2.  Cell phone charger

1.  Lighter.  Just in case I ever need to start a fire, but mainly for smoking cigarettes.

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