Jan Brewer, Arizona Gov, Issues official statement

In response to the Jude Bolton’s preliminary injunction against key and controversial portions of SB 1070, Jan Brewer issued this official statement:

“Look, I’m sick of playing games. Let’s lay the cards out on the table. I hate mexicans, I said it. I am a racist. I am okay with blacks, chinese people and sometimes homos… but I really hate mexicans. THIS LEGISLATION IS RACIST! We are a state ruled by racists! That’s the way it is. Of course these provisions target Mexicans. Who else living in Arizona could possibly be mistaken for an illegal immigrant? Seriously you guys, let’s cut to the chase. I am a racist, my supporters are racists, we hate Mexicans, and we want to take away their rights. I’m calling upon all other racists to support me as we fight to get this racist bill passed. Oh and one more thing, white power.”

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