Open the introspective prism.

So today I found out that “The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo” is in fact not a documentary and it was making me feel suicidal, so I called my therapist. He was like, have you have had any weird dreams lately… I was like, yeah there was this one where I fucked a centaur… He was like, were you pitching or catching? I was like pitching… He said this means serious things and that I should come in for a visit next week. So I went to HEB and got some beer and sushi and was feeling pretty good so I put on some porn… old fashioned PB n V style… and was like, hey there’s no centaurs in this… I’m not bestial after all, maybe every thing will work out. I sent Zac Efron a few pictures of my new looks and ways of doing my hair to get his input.

In other news I got a new camera… here’s a picture of my closet.

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