Top 10 Role Playing Scenarios

-Sometimes we all need a little bit of help in the pleasure zone, so try some role playing today. Here are some of my favorite scenarios to help you spice it up in the bedroom.

10. Grant and Lee at the Appomatox courthouse. And thus forth you shalt sign this document, making the union one again! Do you have a pen? Oh…I must have dropped it, excuse me while I shall bend over… Oh no, I seem to have lost my pants.

9. Sexy Vampire Time. Oh I love twilight, does it turn you when I bite you… like this? ohhh…. too hard… oh my fucking god Steeve you drew blood, what the fuck??? fucking idiot.

8. Greek Gods. I am Zeus, you are my sister, I will fuck you and create a snake baby who will then trick my brother and fuck him and give birth to a three headed dog. God this is so hot.

7. Forest Gump. You’re pretty, I ain’t too smart but… uhhh… suck my wiener?

6. Hue Laurie on House. I’m not sure I can diagnose this, let me take a few more pain pills… Hmm it seems you have of Needs-a-hard-one-itis… I think I have a the cure.

5. Thomas Jefferson and Slave. Your dark skin is so enticing… but you can never speak of this, it would surely ruin my political career. Now come here and put that brown sugar in my oatmeal.

4. Harry Potter. Oh Hermione, how I always wanted to flip that robe up and rip off those Hogwarts panties and do you like a muggle. Get that frizzy hair over here and suck on my wand.

3. Sarah Palin’s Daughter and Boyfriend. I know abstinence is the only way to prevent pregnancy, but I really want to fuck you… oh well fuck it let’s do it.

2. Gay Republican Sex Scandal. I may write all kinds of legislation to take away your rights, but I gotta admit, I love your soft skin and bleach blond hair. Come here cabana boy and let me pound you with my gavel.

1. Role Reversal. Honey, what’s that you’ve got there… oh my… it sure is big, what are you gonna do with that thing? Honey… I don’t know how I feel ab….. FDJSFDSFDSNLD

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