Top 10 things unemployed people should spend their time doing…

Take it from me, I don’t have a job. Here are some ways I reccomend spending your time.

10. Thinking about the Lost season finale. I mean they dead all along or what? What show should I spend 2 weeks watching on dvd now?

9. Looking at pictures of girls on face book. Disregard if you are a girl.
8. Looking at real porn. Porn is a fine substitute for real human contact, no need to get out there.
7. Looking at craigslist. I’d be great at data entry. It says high school applicants are okay, I guess I could apply… I mean… I went to college.

6. Drinking. totally

5. Going to bars… oh shit I already covered that
4. NetFlix. There’s so many movies you haven’t seen. Catch up

3. Contemplating all the shit you’d buy if you had a badass job. I do this a lot.

2. Re-watching Lost in its entirety. you might of missed something, what’s another two weeks of solitude?

1. Complaining. Complaining won’t change your life, but it will make you feel better for a little while and help you develop personality disorders.
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